Welcome to the Boulevard Stroll!

For 2017, the Boulevard Stroll will be a quarterly event – with the first event in April.

While in the past, the stroll was the first Wednesday of the month, this year, the volunteer board wants to be able to put more energy into each event! In addition to the art and music that we normally have, we will add on a special attraction at each Stroll.

Stay tuned for more info!

The Boulevard Stroll is a volunteer run event for the residents of La Mesa and neighboring towns. We invite you to come on down to La Mesa Boulevard and enjoy art, music and specials from our neighborhood businesses. A lot is happening downtown La Mesa!

If you have any feedback, donations, suggestions on making the event better, or just want to send us a virtual high-five for our efforts – please email us at


Interested in participating in one of our events? Contact us for more info.